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Project Management

Almost all endeavors can be considered as a project. I have over 35,000 hours experience working on various projects. From working on the very first motorsport race track in Nigeria to organising Empowerment Programs in various locations.

I have the tenacity, knowledge and skills to work for you . Plus, I am a certified Project Manager

Business Development

Since 2010, I have helped businesses increase their bottom line. Combining knowledge from my MBA with undiluted 'street sense', I have been able to create business systems, structures and processes to help my clients excel in their business objectives.

I have worked in various sectors of the economy. I would love to work with you too.


I am passionate about people. I believe the greatest asset any organisation has is her people. This has been a motivation for the various trainings I have organised.

I train teams and individuals on project management, business development, personal growth strategies etc. I can motivate your team too.


My overall goal is to help businesses and individuals excel in record time.


Sharon James

CEO. Taste Extreme

Your 'can-do' attitude and guidance has help us start and grow our business. Thank you

Bola Adesope

Agile Consultant

Peter Okolie is a very hardworking man whose creativity and dedication helped to achieve great successes in couple of projects. It was great knowing him.

Joshua Riches

BD . Nepal Oil & Gas

A very creative and strategic thinker. He doesn't believe any goal is too high, he makes things happen.

Funmi Lex

MD, Nestle

Peter is very hard working, focused, strong willed and with a great vision. I will reccommend him to anyone who needs such qualities on a project

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