Not Qualified

Not Qualified

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Thanks for the various feedback you sent in response to the articles here on my website. Last week, I received a particular feedback that got me thinking. The person looked at the message in  my discourse and concluded that,  all though she agreed with the message, she was convinced that  I was ‘ Not Qualified […]

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freedom from fear

Freedom from fear

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I  got quite a number of responses from the last article titled-  God created fear for a reason. Some people started reading the article with very divergent views  about the importance of  fear in our lives.  However, by the concluding paragraph it was clear that fear was created by God. And, like everything God created, […]

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God created fear for a reason

God created fear for a reason

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Believe it or not, God created fear  for a reason.  Just like the Sun to give light during the day and the moon to give light at night, fear was created by God Almighty to fulfill a purpose.  I can almost hear you say that how can a wise God create something like fear. Please […]

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Set yourself free

Set yourself free

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Many of us look at our lives and realize that so many things seem to weigh us down. Unknown to us, we have become imprisoned by our choices  and actions. Allow me to share a secret with you, the power to set yourself free lies within you, it’s called forgiveness. Set yourself free Forgiveness is […]

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