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A while back, I received a text message that humbled me and changed me in many ways. Although it was a response to a message I had earlier sent, it was straight from the heart and a lesson I will never forget.


For some reason I was inspired to pick up my phone, scroll down to text message, and, since I had not pre-planned my action, I just scribbled, “everything is going to be alright” then I clicked the send button but not before I had added 22 random numbers that had been created by manipulating 11 numbers all beginning with either 0803, 0805 or 0802, then click! And the message was sent to 22 total strangers.


Less than 10 minutes later I had received about 7 replies. Some people were as conservative with words as I was and they just wrote, “Amen”, “thank you”, “thanks’ and some just wrote, “thnx” but one message pierced through my heart and into my very being. I have read it more than twice and painted the picture in my head a thousand ways, here it is …




“hi, I dnt kw ow u got my num bt  I’m glad u did. Barely a wk ago I caught my bf cheatin on me, later  I realizd dat I was going to av an xtra yr bcos I failed a prerequisite course in school and den I got 2 kw dat my mother has breast cancer.2 days ago I heard dat my father lost his job, my elder brother was seriously injurd in a car accident and I was attacked and  raped by some guys in mask but off course, I cnt tel anybody abt it. I was about giving up on life and seriously considering suicide that was wen ur txt came. I think it is fair to say u saved me. Thanks.pls dnt call me but I wld appreciate ur txt from time to time”.




I was really humbled by the text that it dawned on me that everyday presents us with the opportunity to be there for the people around us. Sometimes it could be by giving a smile to the other person, or by honestly appreciating a person’s dress, paying someone’s transport fare, writing a simple note on a friend’s wall, a simple flash or a call to just say “hello”.

It is really the little things that matter the most.


I know some people are of the opinion that nice guys finish last, but I beg to differ, step out of your comfort zone, and be nice to someone today. You will succeed!

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