Have you ever felt you could have seized the moment if only you had a little more confident? Trust me, I know the feeling.  I know what it feels like to walk out of a meeting feeling you could have done better if only you had been more confident.  If you want to experience a boost in your confidence, I encourage you to apply these 7  secrets to improve your confidence. It is not an exhaustive list but if implemented, I am certain you would see a remarkable improvement almost immediately.

  1. Look Good

Looking good has a way of improving your confidence. Have you noticed that on the days you take a cool bath and throw on a nice dress, you feel a little more confident right? Trust me, it works. Take out some time to work on your appearance. It doesn’t have to be expensive for you to look good.  Even if you buy the clothes from YABA or DOWN TOWN, the important thing is that the clothing is right for you. Ensure it is a good fit and appropriate for the occasion.

Take it a step further, ensure you groom yourself properly. Neat hair style and lovely perfume. When you look and smell nice you attract people, this, in turn, inspires confidence. In addition, you must never forget that your appearance is never complete without a smile, wear a smile as often as you can.

You could look at the following fashion blogs for ideas on how to step out looking good.

2.  Stand Tall

As silly as this may sound, I have found that this simple technique does wonders. It is a quick confidence booster. When you feel you are losing your confidence, just square your shoulders, chest out, raise your head and stand tall. The result is phenomenal, I have tried it and I can tell you for certain that it works.

When you go for that interview, stand tall. Don’t let your shoulder lean over, your head should be raised. Walk with a bounce in your step and soon you would see your confidence return.

Stand tall, reach high and dream big”

3. Increase your competence

Without mincing words, this tip is a well-guarded secret. I am revealing it to you because you have trusted me enough to read this far. The thing about competence is that it has a direct impact on your confidence. It is for this reason business executives are advised never to go into a meeting unprepared. Preparation precedes performance and performance will always boost confidence.

If you increase your knowledge about a subject matter you exude a level of confidence when it is being discussed. You see that the air around you is lighter and you feel ‘gallant’ – you’re in your zone. The key word here is COMPETENCE, however, while competence will help you to be confident, if you want to go far  you must combine it with Character and Consistency

4. Exercise

Yeah, I know what you are thinking – ‘I don’t have time to go to the gym’. The truth is that you don’t have to go to the gym to exercise, you can do it at home. There are lots of ways you can exercise your body without necessarily getting out of your schedule to go to a gym. The best part is that statistics have shown that exercise greatly improves the outcome of our day which in turn impact on our confidence.

Aside the boost of confidence you would enjoy, here are a few benefits of Exercise

5. Kill negative thoughts

Easier said than done, right? Wrong!

If you want to enjoy a boost in your confidence you need to take control of your life – kill negative thoughts. There is a quote I love so much, “ it’s not your fault if a bird flies around your head, however, if it lands and starts to build  a nest in your head you permitted it.

Each day we are bombarded with so much negative news and these, in turn, becomes negative thought. The more we allow these negative thoughts the more quickly we lose our confidence. The thing to do here is to nip the thought in the bud. Counter every negative thought that comes to your mind, kill them quickly. Don’t allow the thoughts of failure or inadequacy ligger in your mind.

Take control of your life let go of whatever negative thought is threatening to hold you down.


6. Get to know yourself

Sun Tzu put it so eloquently.

“Know yourself and you will win all battles”

This is perhaps the sweetest advice to give anyone that needs a confidence spike. Every great general knows that the first step to conquering any enemy is to first understand his own personal strength. Invest some time in getting to know yourself, understand what makes you unique and then embrace it. There is no use trying to roar if you are a cat, you weren’t made for that. Understand your uniqueness and embrace it, your confidence will greatly improve.

7. Set a small goal and achieve it

I have observed that my joy and confidence spikes whenever I complete a set goal. In that moment, I feel I can do anything. Interestingly, if there is such a thing as a confidence meter, I am almost certain my confidence would be at its peak. We can experience that confidence peak daily by allowing ourselves to enjoy small successes.

Don’t burden yourself with achieving an extra large goal but rather break it into smaller goals and make plans to achieve them. For instance, you have a goal to publish a novel, you could go ahead and set a smaller goal of 800 words daily. Each day you achieve that smaller goal you boost your confidence.

Try these tips, they will surely improve your confidence, Start now.


Apply these 7 Secrets to improve your confidence

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