How to find a mentor

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this video, especially towards the end when he says, we should think about ways to add value to the people we want to be mentored by. 1,032 total views, 1 views today

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The Hiding Place – Episode 3 of 3

In the other room, a man – in his mid-sixties – was observing all that was happening through the screen of a television set. Apparently, the room where Imelda was kept had been fitted with hidden cameras, she was being… Continue Reading →

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The Hiding Place – Episode 2

The Hiding Place – Episode 2 The door opened slowly, revealing a friendly face. As Dr. Richard greeted her with a smile, she immediately remembered that she was in a hospital. “Doctor, why am I still here?” Dr. Richard offered… Continue Reading →

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The Hiding Place – Episode 1

The Hiding Place – Episode 1 Imelda closed her eyes hoping that she would reopen them in a more pleasurable reality. She counted one, two, and three underneath her breath, then slowly opened her eyes to realize that nothing had… Continue Reading →

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Whisperers – Episode 1

Most children go to God with series of prayer requests, asking for toys, clothes and many other things. But, for many years, I had just one prayer request, ‘God deliver me from my father’   Whisperers Episode 1   My… Continue Reading →

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The Mourning After – Episode 5

The sound of gunfire filled the air. The sticks and cutlasses of the members of the sect were no match for the automatic machine guns that were being fired in their direction. Their retreat was swift. They ran, taking along many… Continue Reading →

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The Mourning After – Episode 4

Mind wide open, Isa was alone with his thoughts. He had thought about it carefully. He was sure that it would be foolish of him to allow Zainab go to be Hassan’s wife without first finding out her favour or… Continue Reading →

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The Mourning After – Episode 3

Isa returned home sober and went straight upstairs, into his room. He looked through the window towards Zainab’s room. The curtains were raised and the light was still on.  Zainab was lying down on the bed. He was glad that… Continue Reading →

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The Mourning After – Episode 2

The sun rose early the following morning. It was a Saturday. The events of the day before had become history, a blur in Isa’s memory. He stepped out wearing a white kaftan and a brown flip flop. He stood in… Continue Reading →

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The Mourning After – Episode 1

Isa walked into the school compound in a bubble of confidence. His China white shirt was immaculate as it sat on brown khaki trousers. His brown leather sandals were well polished and neat. Isa Yakubu was the labor prefect of… Continue Reading →

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