One of the most difficult things for a proud person to do is to recognize that they’re proud. So, we are here to help. It’s a very simple test. Read each number in the column to the left and what corresponds on the right. For example, instead of reading one whole column and then moving on to the other, read number 1 and then read number 1 on the Humble column. Then continue on and on.

In total sincerity, evaluate which of the two describes you best and give a point to that answer. In the end, add up the number of points in each column, then the column with the largest number of points will show you which side you lean towards.


How to deal with pride

Most likely the majority of those reading, this post, are not among the proud. So we’re going to give you several hints on how to deal with proud people, if you are suffering the misfortune of living with one.

  1. Wait for that person to come to you. Clearly, this will perhaps never happen if he or she is really extremely proud. But confronting or criticizing them definitely is not the answer, even if you’re intention is to help. The proud normally interpret this as if you are calling them weak.
  2. Discreetly ask someone you respect and who’s capable for help. It’s dangerous if the person comes to understand that it was you who asked for an intervention.  But if done correctly, it can bear fruit. The proud usually don’t respect anyone, but they’re capable of considering someone who is more successful than they are.
  3. Give advice making them think that it was their idea to begin with. Proud people are usually not open to others advice. That’s why you have to make it seem like it was their idea. “What do you think if…” “Once you said that…” “Of course you know about…” The idea is to make them think that they already know and you’re simply trying to remind them.
  4. Create a friendship, which instills confidence.It’s very difficult for a proud person to open up. The only chance of this happening is when he or she is certain that they can trust you. So, offer your sincere friendship and involve yourself with things which interest the person. Then you two can talk openly about such subjects. This will create bridges and entryways so the proud person opens up in other areas of their life as well.
  5. Don’t spare proud people from embarrassing situations. It’s good that he/she learns from the results of their attitudes.
  6. Pray for him/her. Sometimes the only thing left for you to do is pray for them. Intercede for the person in prayer. Miracles happen!

If you have any other hints you can write them below.

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