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Market your business online – automatically

As a growing business, every moment matters. In a previous piece titled ‘Online presence as a business booster‘, I explained some of the importance of giving your business adequate online exposure. In that piece I highlighted how you can use… Continue Reading →

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Naked but not ashamed

I am talking to you, yes you! You’re staring at me through the glass. You’re hiding behind unaccomplished dreams and broken promises, but I can see you clearly. It’s okay to stare at me with eyes masked in tears. I… Continue Reading →

Your boss can’t make you rich

In a previous piece, I explained that people will use you, your boss inclusive. I guarantee that you are going to having some varying option on the subject matter but I ask beseech you to keep an open mind.  Today,… Continue Reading →

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Friends I am going to avoid in the New Year

Coming up with this list wasn’t an easy task; I had to filter through tons of friends and acquaintances. I spent at least 3 days praying to God for direction and I received a revelation. Friends I am going to… Continue Reading →

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Online Presence as a business booster

It is an open secret that at this age, the Internet has significantly changed the way business organisations operate. A few years ago, it was accepted as a standard to open a shop in some part of a city and… Continue Reading →

Dear Luci

I am tired of trying to make this relationship work. In the last couple of months I have given it my best. I have invested my time, energy and resources to ensure that everything goes fine. I was even going… Continue Reading →

Sure Strategies to boost your Social Media Influence

Recently, I was invited as part of a team to talk to banking and finance students of the University of Benin. The theme of the talk was ‘leading beyond limits’. A look at the student and it was obvious that… Continue Reading →

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Safe ways to shop online

Shopping online is fast, convenient and places at your disposal a wide range of products and services. Yet, just like shopping in a traditional market like Oshodi or Alaba international, you need to be smart.  Before you make a payment… Continue Reading →

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I am so wasted

Last night, I had the most wonderful idea. It was like when Edison discovered the light bulb, I was so excited I literally ran home. I had a very good idea of what happened when a person drove under the… Continue Reading →

I hear voices

His pitch black lips and his blood shot eyes stood him out from the crowd, and I could almost swear that I perceived weed each time he opened his mouth. I hear voices regularly but this was different. I listened… Continue Reading →

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