For a very long time I refused to believe the saying ,”life is full of ups and downs”. In my opinion, believing such a saying would imply I would have to continuously live life with the knowledge that every good thing I enjoy could be lost when life decides to go down, I was wrong!

Spread your wings on your way down


You see, God created life to be full of ups and downs. In the book of Ecclesiastics Chapter 3, it explains that life is designed to flow in seasons. A time to laugh and a time to cry. It is the various seasons that makes  life meaningful, in other words we cannot go through life without changing seasons.

It is important to state here that the people that are most adversely affected by changing seasons are those that haven’t prepared themselves and as such cannot embrace it.

The truth is that when the season of a thing comes, there is very little we can do to stop it.  The best we can do is to embrace it. One shouldn’t love his sweater so much that he wears it in the heat of dry season. When winter comes you better grab a coat, get it ?

Spread your wings on your way down

The first reason people find it difficult to embrace change is that they aren’t prepared for it.

Joseph in the Bible became the prime minister of Egypt because he saw that a change was coming. Rather that deny the change or run away from it, he chose a different approach. He devised a strategy to embrace the change and make it his ally. When the change came in the form of a food crisis,  he was ready and the whole of Egypt became the food basket of nations.

The first step towards making the most of change is the ask the right questions.

What skills will be relevant in the near future ? A million people are coming for a convention what opportunity does that present to me? What relationships do I need to build towards the future? Which location would be a gold mine in the near future? Which area of the economy will attention be focused on  soon?

You don’t have to be a soothsayer to know the answers to the questions, you just need to be observant.

Spread your wings on your way down

Watch the trends

What is national politics tilting towards? A huge university is being built in an area that should inform you that the price of land in that area will soon begin to rise. NUPENG has announced they would be embarking on a strike, that should inform you to fill up your fuel tanks. The federal government is committed to the ban of the Importation of tires, this should inform you that the price of tire would go up. Millions of students graduate each year to join the millions already graduated without jobs, this should inform you as a student that you need to sharpen your entrepreneurial prowess before coming out.

Observation is paramount but above all, ask God for revelation.  Revelation is the key to elevation.

When you are prepared for change you will smile when others are crying. You will run when others are crawling and you will spread your wings and soar up like an eagle when life decides to go down.

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