It is funny how the passing of time reveals to us the mysteries concealed in certain words. As a little boy I was introduced to the prodigal son and told not to be like him. I was instructed not to walk like him, talk like him and certainly not to live my life the way he did. For the “non-initiated”, the story of the prodigal son is a parable told by Jesus Christ and documented in the Bible (Luke 15:11).

For many years, I wanted to be like the other son. He didn’t take his father’s possession and waste it off on prostitutes, gamblers and “riotous living”. For many years, I couldn’t understand why when the prodigal son returned from lavishing his father’s hard earned possession, his father celebrated his return and the other son had to watch.

I learnt 4 lessons from the prodigal son and I have found them consistent through the years.

  1. Spectators are never rewarded
  2. You cannot achieve what you are not willing to pursue
  3. It pays to look back once in a while
  4. Regardless of how far away you go, God still loves you.

I won’t over flog the issue.

You need to get involved in creating the future you want for yourself. Be willing to GO for what you want from life. Once in a while look back at where you are coming from and finally never forget the place of God in all you do.

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