I had a very close bond with my maternal grandmother. She always had my back and her arms were my hiding place, she was firm yet loving. The wrinkles on her face told a story of the many experiences she had gathered. The grey on her hair was the proof to show that she had gained the right to be called an elder. Grandma lived a full life and left me with many lessons, one of which has changed my life ever since.

Grandma invited me to seat beside her then she read from the bible. Psalm 23 : 2

“He maketh me lie down in green pastures,

He leadeth me beside the still waters”

She turned to me then asked, “what do you understand from that passage?”

I knew my grandmother well enough to know that her question was rhetorical. So I just gave her a quizzical look and waited for her to answer the question she had asked.

“Lucy, if you put your trust in God, when you are hungry he won’t put food in your mouth He would set a table before you. He will hold you by the hand and lead you to where opportunity is. It is your responsibility to make the most of the opportunity”

I learnt that lesson more than 20 years ago, and it has shaped my life ever since. I realise that by faith we prepare for opportunity by learning a skill, getting a degree, making new friends, joining a cause etc and because we are prepared, we are better positioned to make the most of the opportunity.

A very wise man described Luck as opportunity meeting preparation.

May your Luck multiply!

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