This is a continuation of the discussion we started on Monday, you can read it here. Now back to the big question, who do you need to BEcome?

Let’s say you want to graduate from the university with a first class. Most definitely, you shouldn’t make that decision in your final year. Getting the grades you desire requires time and process, having that picture in your mind will inform the kind of person you BEcome. You can’t afford to spend your time the way others would, you can’t afford to participate in as many extra-curricular activities. You can’t afford to be close friends with just anybody. You find yourself spending more time reading, studying, learning, attending lectures etc. By so doing, you discover that because of what you want to HAVE, you have BEcome a good student and you are DOing what good students do.

Say you want to HAVE the title of a world class tennis player or a professional basketball player. This picture in your head will inform the kind of person you would BE. You can’t afford to indulge in any substance that would have adverse effect on your health and stamina. You BEcome a person that spends time training and perfecting your craft. When you BEcome that star athlete in your mind, you find yourself DOing what star athletes do and inevitably, you will HAVE what they have.

So back to the question of the day, who do you need to become? Take some time out and look into a mirror. Picture yourself 5, 10, 15 years from now, who do you want to be? Five years from now it might be too late to HAVE what you want if you do not BEcome the person that can have it.

Do you need a promotion at work? Who do you need to BEcome? Chances are that, performance reviews would be done once a year, between now and then, what changes do you need to make to yourself. You might just need to get to work earlier, offer yourself more to duties, buy the boss’s child a birthday gift. Whatever it takes to HAVE what you want, you must make up your mind to BEcome.

Do you need a more pleasant home? You might just need to BEcome someone that listens more, complains less, gives generously, cares more and so on. Do you need more money, more time, learn a foreign language or acquire more skills? Who do you need to BEcome?

In conclusion, a fish doesn’t struggle to swim just as an eagle doesn’t struggle to fly. When you BEcome the kind of person that can get the kind of outcome you desire, you don’t struggle to have it. A millionaire doesn’t struggle to have millions, even when their account is in “red” it comes back to millions because the million will always flow in the direction of the millionaire.

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