In a previous piece, I explained that people will use you, your boss inclusive. I guarantee that you are going to having some varying option on the subject matter but I ask beseech you to keep an open mind.  Today, I will stress a point that you should hold close to your heart, in this part of the world, it is not a general consensus however it is the truth – ” your boss can’t make you rich ”.

In all fairness, it’s not your bosses’ responsibility to make you rich. He is to ensure that you receive a pay cheque at the end of the month but becoming rich is entirely up to you. Whether you receive N20,000 or N400,000 per month, becoming rich is dependent on you financial intelligence.  Your ability to differentiate between asset and liability will determine whether you will become a highly paid poor man or a poorly paid rich man.

This ability to differentiate assets from liability will determine how much of your income you save and invest. This ability will either increase or decrease your expense. If your expense is consistently greater than your income or it is close to your income, you can never be rich and this has nothing to do with your boss.

Teaching you financial intelligence is not the job of your boss. His duty is to create a conducive environment for you to do your job. If you are going to be rich, you need to learn how to balance the sheets – understand assets and liabilities.

As a rule, anything that takes money from your pocket is a liability and anything that adds money to your pocket is an asset. A house could be an asset or a liability, a car could be an asset or liability, a phone could be an asset or liability. It depends on whether it is saving you money or costing you money.

In conclusion, your financial freedom is your responsibility not your bosses’ problem. Improve your financial IQ and stop pursuing a pay raise.

Your Boss can’t make you rich

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