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Experience is not your teacher

Experience is not your teacher

Growing up, I was thought that experience is a good teacher. In fact, sometimes I was told that experience is the best teacher. However, I have been exposed to a different reality – experience is not a good teacher or the best teacher, in fact experience is not your teacher at all.

Experience is not your teacher

The dictionary defines experience as , an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone. So you see, experience is not the teacher but rather the teacher is the person that ‘experienced-the-experience’ (please permit me to use the word ).

Throughout life, various occurrences inform the way we react to situations. Please note,  the events or occurrence don’t  change us but rather we change ourselves.  It  is not what happens to us but how we react to it that sets us apart from the crowd.  There is a saying, “the same situations that make some people to break down makes some others to break records”. It comes down to a choice, what are you going to make of  what has happened or is happening to you?.

A lady dates a guy for three years and then he ‘breaks her heart’ and runs off to marry another woman .She could decide to hate every man that comes her way afterwards or make sure she builds herself such that no man would ever want to leave her.

Experience is not your teacher

You share your idea with your superiors  in the office and they don’t implement it . Then you decide to keep your ideas to yourself or tell yourself that not every idea would be implemented and then you come up with an idea that is totally irresistible.

You receive the result of your examination and it turned out bad. You could decide that the examination is not for you or you could decide you need to do extra lessons, study harder and prepared better to write the examination again.

In each case mentioned above, experience wasn’t teaching anything, we “gave-ourselves-brain”, we decided the lesson we wanted to teach ourselves. Experience provides the opportunity to learn a lesson but ultimately we teach ourselves. The quality of the lesson we learn is influenced by the state of our mind. No wonder the Bible say, “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flows the issues of life ( Pro. 4:23)”

If you missed the article on stinking thinking please read it here. In that article, I talked about the need to deliberately  remove limiting thoughts from your mind. Limiting thoughts will consistently make you feel like a victim but you can’t afford to put yourself in that position.

Experience is not your teacher

When experience knocks on your down, open it like a victor and decide the lesson you want to teach yourself. We miss out on all the good if we hold back simply because something bad happens on the way to achieving our goal.

Think about this, the electric light bulb we see today would have been non-existent. Thomas Edison  failed many times, he could have responded to the experience of failure by stopping but he taught himself  to try other ways. Experience is a school where we teach ourselves  to succeed or fail. Experience is not your teacher,  you are your teacher.

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