Harvest of tears – the help

Harvest of tears - Hot Springs

It was now weeks since the sad event that turned the kids into orphans, and they were trying hard to live a normal life. Both kids had just been admitted into the secondary school. With the turn of events, it seemed like a boarding school would have been a better option, however it was too late to make that change.

Harvest of tears – the help

Grandma concluded that it might be a lot of fun to have the kids in the house with her but she would need help taking care of them. She spoke with Christopher about getting a domestic help and he promised to look into it as quickly as possible.

A few days later there was a knock on the door. It was too soon for the twins to have returned from school and grandma would have recognise their excitement-filled knock.  She reached for the door and saw a smallish man with a bag.

“Good afternoon Ma, my name is Henry. Mr Christopher said I should come work with you as the help, he said you are expecting me ma”

Grandma took one glance at him and came to the conclusion that she didn’t like him nor did she want her grandchildren around the young man. There was something about him that just made her feel so uneasy and she was sure that it wasn’t because of his desperate attempt at being coy.

Harvest of tears – the help

She allowed him in just so she could be polite then she picked up her phone to call Christopher.

“Hello Chris, how are you doing?”

She listened half-heartedly to his response then continued,

“I am not sure I like this Henry guy you introduced as the help”

There was a comment from the other side of the phone then Grandma continued

“Okay we would have him around for a few weeks, but if I still feel uncomfortable with him, I will show him the door. Is that okay?”


Harvest of tears – the help

There was a response from the other side, grandma ended with pleasantries and then dropped the call. She turned to the help and announced.

“My grandchildren are eleven years old, do you think you can handle them?”

He nodded in affirmation but grandma didn’t seem convinced.

There was something about him that set her on edge.

The twins returned from school and Grandma introduced the help to them. They greeted him with detached affection, they were more interested in grandma. Henry didn’t take it personally, he understood kids and knew that it would take some time for them to accept him into their home.



The next episode will be published 28/01/2017 by 6 A.M Nigerian Time

***  To be continued ***

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