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Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

Kejiro's Demon - Final Episode

It was a cold harmattan morning but not cold enough to steal Kejiro’s excitement. He wore his Christmas dress and the only shoe he had, then he waited for Mrs Idiala to take him to his Canaan land. She drove into Kejiro’s compound in her Mercedes Benz 190 and he almost jumped into the car before it came to a halt. He said his brief good bye to his father and was ready to hit the road.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

They spent fourteen hours on the road , they had  left Anioma by 7:30 am with the expectation that they would take a late lunch in Abuja but alas, they arrived at 11pm – not good for a first timer especially one who had never travelled further than the boundary of his small community.  The inconveniences notwithstanding, Kejiro saw the trip as a refreshing one – a get-away from the life he had known, a fresh start.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

They reached Abuja and Kejiro was greeted by an unexcited husband – Mr Idiala – and their son, Kingsley.

Who is this?’ Kingsley asked in a tone of voice that could have been interpreted to mean

‘Where did you bring this garbage from?’

Mr Idiala was no better; he detested it when Kejiro sang. Sometimes he would send Kingsley to stop him.

“My daddy said I should tell you to stop singing.”

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

Immediately, Kejiro would shush. Often, he forgot and started again – if not that same evening, on a subsequent one. Finally, Mr Idiala would lose his imperial cool, stomp over to where Kejiro was and yell.

“Village parrot, shut up!”

Kejiro’s hell began in his second week in Abuja; He was made to wake up before 5AM and would continue working until 1AM. Abandoned by humanity, but upheld by the grace of God, He reminded himself that it was necessary to endure the hardship so he wouldn’t end up like Chike.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

The only rest, in most cases, was when he followed his benefactors to the church on Sunday where they tend to behave normally to him. Kejiro rarely had his own privacy. He slept in the living room and was confined to the kitchen during the day.

Although life in the big city wasn’t exactly how he had pictured it, he had moved from his community and the next thing on his agenda was to get an education.

Kejiro made a few soft requests to begin school, and about 6 months after he arrived in Abuja, he was registered into a public school that was about 10 kilometres away. His benefactors had a habit of making him go to school late and he was beaten and disciplined in school daily. He was constantly a suspect for anything that went wrong or lost in the house. He was always interrogated with so much screaming that could make anyone empty his bowels unconsciously.

Kejiro would always eat separately and often only after his benefactors had eaten. What’s more, he had to face the issues of restricted movement and little or no social interaction. It was as though he was paying for the sins he had committed in the past, even at that, his suffering was excruciating. In six years, his suffering continued to grow, he became someone else.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 6

He found himself staying away from people, living in isolation as much as he could and he always wanted to be alone. He started hearing voices in his head. The same voices he had heard in the past, those were the voice that told him to start trouble; break a clay pot, shoot stones at other children and burn a farm. The voices had disappeared after he witnessed the public execution of his uncle but six year later, something made them return and they were louder.


***  To be continued ***

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