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What’s your minimum ?

When you embark on a project do you set specific goals? Research has shown that people who have clearly defined goals have a higher chance of success than those who just enter a project without a plan.

It is instructive to look at every endeavour in life as a project. Waking up, taking your bath, getting on the road and all your daily activities. Everything you do in life is a project and success is measured against expectations.

Let me explain that, you can only claim to be successful at something when the actual outcome is measured against the desired outcome. If you do a transaction with the main aim of making N5 and you make N3, that transaction was not successful, if your goal was N2, N3 is a huge success. If your goal is to make 5 Credits in your WAEC exam and you make 4 Credits you haven’t achieved success. 5 credit in this example is called the minimum requirement.

Now back to the “Koko”, what is your minimum requirement when you step out to look for a life partner, what is your minimum requirement in your search for a house, job, school, car, friend etc. The logic is the same, you need to have a minimum requirement. If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. For a person going somewhere but without a direction, any road would take him there. The beautiful thing about setting a minimum requirement is that it gives you something to chase after, something to long for. Having a minimum requirement fuels your creativity and strengthens your desire to succeed.

So how does this work?

Say you want to buy a car, you could begin by saying that the minimum requirement would be that the car would not cost more than N3,000,000, at least a 2005 model, automatic transmission, Japanese Brand etc. Having this picture in your head empowers you.  You discover that your search becomes more productive as you can easily filter through the available options knocking out those things that do not enter your minimum requirement.

Say you are a student, you could say that the minimum requirement is that you graduate with a 2:1, get at least B in most of your courses with a few A in the others. This desire would shape the kind of friends you keep, the type of activities you involve yourself in within the campus. Having this minimum requirement would inspire your to be studious and it would empower you to work hard.

Hear now the conclusion of the matter (lol). Until you decide what you want from life, life will continue to throw at you anything it chooses. Start Now, set your minimum requirements and watch your life improve for the better.

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