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Naked but not ashamed

I am talking to you, yes you!

You’re staring at me through the glass. You’re hiding behind unaccomplished dreams and broken promises, but I can see you clearly. It’s okay to stare at me with eyes masked in tears. I understand your unspoken words and I know I don’t have a right to judge you so I won’t.

I know you, the real you.

The you that isn’t trying to show-off as strong and confident. The you that is vulnerable and sometimes lost. The real you that wishes your life is more than it is.

Don’t turn away your gaze, look me in the eyes. I see the way you hold on tightly to your past until the present is lost and possibly the future too. Yes, I know you that well. You are naked but you don’t have to be ashamed.

I know how much you desire for your boss to recognise your efforts. I see the way you try to earn the respect of your parents and siblings. Your attempt to get the love and admiration of your friends and colleagues is not hidden from me. I am aware of all this and more, I see you as you truly are – naked!

Yes! You deserve more, you deserve to be happy, happier.

You deserve to love and be loved.

You deserve to have more money than you can spend in one lifetime.

You deserve to have the love of a faithful spouse and kids that make you proud.

You deserve every good gift, and you deserve it now.

I know it sounds strange coming from me, after all, I am the man in the mirror – your reflection.

Trust me, you need to stop trying to cover you nakedness by clothing yourself in vanity. Burying yourself in work and a quest for higher learning. Hiding behind pseudo-achievements and praises from false friends. Receiving Greek gifts from people you would rather have nothing to do with. All these must stop.

Stop building you happiness and sense of self-worth on the number of likes on your profile picture on Facebook. Stop allowing your joy to be etched in Instagram via comments from people who barely know the real you. You have thousands on friends online but nobody you can turn to in case of emergency. You are naked, face it!

When Adam was in the Garden of Eden, he was naked but not ashamed because he was clothed in the glory of God. He had everything because his trust was in God. His source was the creator of Heaven and Earth. Yes he was naked but he had nothing to be ashamed of!

When God becomes your covering, your inadequacies become inconsequential.

Yes! You weren’t born with a silver spoon but you can still become the CEO of the largest conglomerate in Africa, Wear God!

Yes! You can’t speak good English and you have an accent but that isn’t going to stop you from getting into Aso Rock, wear God!

When God is the one covering your nakedness, your mess becomes a message, your error becomes a style, your Exam script becomes the Marking script and your achievements become the standard.

Now look into the mirror again, face it, you are naked.

Tell yourself the truth, “You need God’s help”

I know you’ll always be tempted to try to help God saying that he is too slow, but please let go and let God.

He may seem slow getting you that dream job but trust me, he has something better planned. Your preferred soul mate may be looking in the opposite direction but trust me, God has a plan. Your parents may not give you the support and encouragement you desire but lean on the Almighty.

The vision is yet for an appointed time and in the end it will speak.

God has great plans for you and his plans are better than any plan you can think about. He created the brain you are using to think about the plan (so how can your plans be compared to His)

In the meantime, don’t try to hide your nakedness from him. Come boldly into his presence, admit that you are unable to clothe yourself and allow Him to clothe you in his Mercy, Grace, Favour and Goodness.

He says come unto me all who are weary and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.

In conclusion, the next time you feel downcast, you feel like things are not going the way you planned. The next time you feel insufficient, naked and ashamed. Come back to this mirror, look at me through the glass and let’s have this talk again.



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  1. Inspiring write-up Peter! Please keep it up and I pray God will use you to inspire many to the path of destiny and purpose.

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