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Not Qualified

Not Qualified

Thanks for the various feedback you sent in response to the articles here on my website. Last week, I received a particular feedback that got me thinking. The person looked at the message in  my discourse and concluded that,  all though she agreed with the message, she was convinced that  I was ‘ Not Qualified ‘ to be the carrier of such messages.

Her  words hit me below the belt and I caught myself wondering if she was indeed true.  You see, just like most of us, I wasn’t born a saint. Certain actions I have taken in the past would definitely justify her claims that I am not indeed qualified. I pondered on her words within a  second but heard  the Holy Spirit remind me that, ‘God  doesn’t need you to be qualified  before he uses you. Whoever He calls He qualifies.’

Like many of us, when we look back at our past, we would see certain deeds done that make us ‘not qualified’  to speak about salvation. Each time you step into a room you see the faces of the people you have hurt in the past. You go on the street and you see trails of your sinful past. After a close look at all this, you come to the same conclusion as most people  –  ‘ I am Not qualified ‘. I am here to announce that nothing could be further from the truth.

Not Qualified

If any man be in Christ old things are passed away and behold all things have become new (2 Cor. 5 : 17) . Have you observed that when Jesus was on Earth, he chose the most unlikely people to be his disciple. He chose a  timid fisherman named Peter, a scheming tax collector named Matthew, He spent an evening with a charlatan name Zaccheus , He protected an adulterous woman from being condemned. It was almost as though Jesus had an affinity for the lost, the sinner, the ‘Not Qualified’. No wonder He said, I have not come for the righteous but rather I came for the sinners (Luke 5 :32).

I had always wondered why Jesus didn’t choose from the Pharisee and the Sadducees, after all, they were ‘Qualified’. You see God sees the end from the beginning, He know that every Sinner has a Future. God specializes in picking the Unqualified, qualifying them and using them. He did so with Paul. Paul was perhaps the most ‘Not Qualified’ person to be used by God. His name was initially Saul and he persecuted the Christian. He was passionate about destroying all believers in Christ. However, God chose to use this Christian Persecutor.  God chose to use a harlot to get his people into the promised land.  He chose to use doubting Thomas, confused  Peter, fornicating Samson and stammering Moses .  God uses the most unlikely people, the seemingly  ‘Not Qualified’ people, to do his will.

Not Qualified

The only person that has a right to judge us is God Almighty. He see us not as we were but as we will be. He loves us because He has seen what we are going to do. The devil, the accuser of brethren (Rev. 12: 10) continues to rub our past in our face so we lose sight of our future. Let’s get this straight, you have no power to qualify yourself.

In conclusion, it is the grace of God that you are not in some bar drinking yourself to stupor, selling your body  or ‘popping’ the needle. It is not by your power you are not holding a gun. Understand this, nobody has a right to judge you.  ” It is not that we think we are qualified to do anything on our own. Our qualification comes from God.” (2 Cor. 3:5). God is the only one that decides whether you are qualified or not, and He says  we have been made qualified 2 Cor 3:6 .

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