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Online Presence as a business booster

It is an open secret that at this age, the Internet has significantly changed the

way business organisations operate. A few years ago, it was accepted as a standard to open a shop in some part of a city and expect customers to come and do business with you.

Today, things are not the same; if you haven’t established an online presence you are missing out on a huge leverage for the growth of your business. When it’s time to make a business decision, customers turn to the Internet to learn

more about businesses and the products they have to offer.

Interestingly, I do this not only for businesses.

Usually, when I meet a person or business organisation for the first time, I look up the person or business on the Internet. I pull out the Google search engine and type in the name of the person or business. I then go through the various results that show up there. The information, in part, structure the way I relate with such a person or business.

Most of your potential customers do the same, they expect businesses to have an Internet presence, be transparent, be open and honest— and when given choices they prefer to do business with those that have such online presence.

Do you want to promote your business, and increase your sales? Are you interested in increasing awareness about the service or product you offer?

If you are not using the social media, you are already many steps behind your competitors.  I recall the first social media account I managed for a company I was working with. It was a Facebook fan page, although we had a wonderful

website which I had helped build, the purpose of the fan page was to generate traffic for the website and also to build a database of potential customers.

Employing this strategy was a huge success.

Today we have included the Twitter, Linkedin, google + and a few other media but the purpose is still the same, to promote the services of the company.


The first thing you will need to do when trying to successfully leverage social media to promote your business is to create one (or several) social media account(s). There are several different social media sites just sitting on the Internet and the more you use them the more successful you will be. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, pinterest, google + and YouTube are today’s top social media resources that will allow you to establish an online presence.

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