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Steps to overcoming life’s challenges (Pt 2) – Belt of truth

Steps to overcoming life’s challenges (Pt 2) – Belt of truth

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We established that challenges are unavoidable in life. In fact, God created us with the intention that we would FACE challenges. Get this straight, God didn’t create us to STRUGGLE with challenges or FIGHT. He created us to FACE challenges. He has already won the victory, all he asks is that we show up to receive the victory.

In the last post, we said that if we show up just anyhow we would be disgraced but that we should show up in the full armor of God ( Ephesian 6:10-18). Today, we focus on THE BELT OF TRUTH.

In John 14:6, Jesus Christ is described as the truth.

When we tie a belt around our waist we are actually using it to ensure that our nakedness is covered. We trust the belt to hold up our dress so that we would not be disgraced.  Jesus Christ is the Belt of a believer, He is the one that ensures that we are not put to shame. Psalm 25:3 explains that they that trust in the Lord shall not be put to shame.

To overcome the challenges of life, the first step is to trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. It is not by your struggles that you become victorious. God is the only person that can win the battles of life on your behalf and He is willing to. All he asks is that you trust him completely.

Accepting the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and savior is the first step towards becoming victorious. It is not just saying it, you must show it by the way you trust him. It is no use to buy a belt and use it to decorate your wardrobe, you tie it around your waist and let it hold you tight. In the same way, there is no use putting “Born Again” Stickers on your car and door post if you are not willing to trust him. Read your bible, pray, let God’s word direct you.

God wants us to accept him as the only person that can help us to be victorious.  It is not about your educational qualification, family background, popularity, affluence or contact. He wants us to trust him.  This is the first step towards overcoming life’s challenges. Start now, trust God completely.

In the next post, we would discuss the breastplate of righteousness.

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