The Mourning After – Episode 4

The Mourning After - Episode 5

Mind wide open, Isa was alone with his thoughts.

He had thought about it carefully. He was sure that it would be foolish of him to allow Zainab go to be Hassan’s wife without first finding out her favour or at least her ringtone.

He imagined Zainab initially resisting, possibly protesting violently.

He would have to wear a mask, tie her hands and legs so she couldn’t break free. He considered that he would have to cover her mouth so she couldn’t cry for help. But he figured that as soon as she had a taste of his Banana she would relax and ask for more. When she got a feel of his device she would realize that he was doing her a favour by raping her.

“It has to be outside this compound” he thought within himself.

A small voice called out from within him,

“Isa, how can you do such a thing to your own sister?”

Isa immediately identified that the voice was his conscience.

“She is not my sister. She is my father’s child not my sister” he protested

The voice stopped and Isa decided to go to bed.



Isa went to bed with thoughts so dirty it had to be kept in the darkest part of his mind.

He never imagined that the atmosphere around him would change so quickly.


There was some strange movement coming from outside.

He rose from his bed and looked out the window.

From a distance, he could see people running into his street.They weren’t the vigilantes or the soldiers. He made out a few shapes, some were children.

They held cutlasses and fire sticks.

Isa’s mind quickly went to the rumors he had heard.

“Could this be the sect?” he queried himself.

He recalled how they entered the neighboring community and massacred the inhabitants. Nobody was spared, not even women and children.

He watched as they came closer and he became scared.

They entered the street without warning and started burning houses.

Then the screaming began.

They waited for people to start running out of their houses and the killing started.

Isa jumped to his feet and out of his room. He went quickly to alert the others.

“Get up! Get up! Boko Haram!”

Isa screamed at the top of his voice as he hit the doors of his sibling and his parents.Unfortunately, his screams not only alerted his family members it also attracted the members of the sect.His people ran outside hoping to put some distance between them and danger but, they fell into the waiting arms of three members of the sect.

His sisters were crying, his father was feeble, the wives were powerless.

Isa was their last hope.

He picked a stick and struck one of the men. The other two fought back.

They hit Isa with a stick and pulled out a knife.

Isa’s father stepped forward to fight for his son but the knife went into him.

Three stabs later, they had stolen his life.

Isa’s sisters scattered towards the back of the house. The wives ran in different directions.

Isa continued to fight.

He had watched them stab his father a couple of time and anger came upon him.

He struck one of the attackers with a stick.He hit so hard the man’s head broke. Isa went after the man that had stabbed his father.

He wanted to draw blood.

The man gave a shout and more members of the sect came running towards the compound.

Isa looked at the number that were running in his direction and his senses returned. Anger was replaced with fear. His instinct for survival kicked in.

He did a quick calculation in his head. If he fought, he could defend his father’s house but would definitely be killed. If he ran, he could keep his life and preserve his father’s lineage.

He didn’t have a problem deciding which the wiser option was. It was wisdom to run, so he could fight another day.


He ran to the back of the compound as fast as his legs could carry him. With a single step he jumped over the fence. On the other side someone was hiding.


“Zainab! Why are you still here?”

“I am hiding”

Isa grabbed her by the hand and ordered her to run.

All the evils he had planned for her didn’t matter. Her apparent disdain for him was inconsequential. Survival was the only thing that mattered in that very moment.

Buildings were being torched. The street was lined with dead bodies even the dogs had gone to hide. Isa looked back and noticed that members of the sect were on their trail.

“Zainab, we must survive. Run faster please!”

They ran with the hope that they would lose their adversaries but they were wrong.

With each step they took, they heard several other sets of feet pursue them with sticks and cutlasses. They pursued them relentlessly through tight bushes and grasslands.

“Zainab please keep running” Isa Begged

He was sure they were particularly interested in killing him because he had killed one of their own. Zainab was perhaps all that was left of his family. He had to keep her safe.

Given that the others ran into the sect, they had most definitely seen the edge of the sect’s cutlass.

Isa continued to run.

Frightened and confused, everything was working against him.

He looked to his side but didn’t see Zainab.

He stopped, looked back and she wasn’t there.

Further behind, his adversaries held torches, sticks, and cutlasses. They were gradually reducing the distance between him and them.

Isa knew it was unwise to call out to Zainab, he would only succeed in alerting them of his location and if she responded, they would get to her before he could.

He had only one option- run.

Lost and alone, he continued to run further away from his home towards unknown lands. As he pushed further, the space between him and his adversaries widen. He looked back briefly to see if he was being pursued, as he turned to look forward there was a large bang and he fell to the ground.



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The Mourning After – Episode 4

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