Deep down in your heart you know you don’t deserve the kind of results you are getting. You  have been giving your best yet things don’t seem to work in your favor.

A seemingly hopeless situation

I have a word for you, “It’s about to get better.”

I know it sounds like what you have heard a million and one times already. Your pastor and many other people have filled your head with the same words over and over again. There was even a time when you would have believed those words. But now, it is taking so much effort to keep reading this article because you really can’t see how things can ever get better.

I totally get you.

I may not know your situation, and I may not have ever worn your shoes but I assure you that you are not alone. You are not the only one facing a seemingly hopeless situation.

The other day, the company dispatch rider sat looking so hopeless. His gaze was fixed at nothing in particular,  he was almost in tears as he recounted that his children had been sent out of school because he hadn’t been able to pay their school fees. A friend of mine has written the University Matriculation Examination six times and now is scared to try again, a seemingly hopeless situation.

A seemingly hopeless situation

I spoke with  a colleague who is still looking for a job nearly six years after we graduated from the university. I recently prayed for a couple who have been looking to God for the fruit of the womb for nearly 9 years. It seems like yesterday a friend was struggling for her life, undergoing regular dialysis and reaching out for help to get a new kidney.

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