There is something more satisfying than being the best and that is being better. Better than you were, better than you thought possible. Life is a constant exercise in self-improvement and in a world where people are focused on competing against others you would go further when you decide to compete against the only worthy opponent – you. The following tips will help you be better at anything in 3 simple steps.

Become more self-aware.

The first step toward becoming a better person is learning to notice what needs improvement, whether it is how you react to stress, how you cope with loss, how you manage your anger, or how you treat the people you love. Make an honest personal evaluation of yourself. You must strive to rise above things such as lust, greed, pride etc. Tell yourself the truth; don’t score yourself a 90% in punctuality when you know you deserve 20%. Don’t say you do well in mathematics when indeed you need help. If you need help in personal relationship, time management, networking, office politics etc tell yourself the truth.

A few years ago I would score less than 20% in organisation, I am easily inspired to set new goals and objectives and as such I find myself charging on to the next thing. The result was so many uncompleted projects here and there. So I tried to get organised. I got tools to help me with project management, attended trainings and I made up my mind to finish what I started. Today I might not score 100% in organisation but I am better than I used to be.

The first way to make an improvement is to first take note of your current situation, then reflect on how it can be improved, and finally, make the necessary changes. Remember that change cannot happen until you know what is wrong, think about the solution and work on getting better.

Whisperers Peter Okolie

  • Most children go to God with series of prayer requests, asking for toys, clothes and many other things. But, for many years, I had just one prayer request, 'God deliver me from him’  
  • April 17, 2012

Set goals for yourself.

It would really help to set goals and most importantly to write it on a piece of paper or better yet, start a journal. This will open up your meditative side, and allow you to better understand yourself from an objective standpoint.  Having your goals written out would help you to find the energy to strive towards becoming better. Write it down, “I want to sell 12 properties each month”, “I want to score 90% in MTH 102 at the end of this semester”. Your goals should be specific and should have a timeframe. There is no use saying, “I want to be better at sewing” but rather “I want to be better at sewing female clothing by the end of this week”.

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