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How Self-discipline will drastically improve your life

By discipline, we learn to let go of good opportunities so as to embrace great opportunities. Peter Okolie   I watched some fishermen prepare to go fishing. They prepared their nets – checked that they weren’t broken and that the… Continue Reading →

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Follow your dreams

Let’s face it, everyone has a dream. As a very young boy I really wanted to be superman or maybe Spiderman. There was a time I wanted to be able to sing and dance like Michael Jackson. There was a… Continue Reading →

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First we die

Unlike many of the children in my area, I realized that I was closer to my mother than to my father. You see, he wasn’t always around; he was always ‘away on business’. My family wasn’t like every other family,… Continue Reading →

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Save Something – Esusu

This note would be quick but blunt. You might get hit by a dose of hard-word and affected by ripples of thought but, you must take action. You must look at what you have and then save it. Please take… Continue Reading →

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