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Experience is not your teacher

Growing up, I was thought that experience is a good teacher. In fact, sometimes I was told that experience is the best teacher. However, I have been exposed to a different reality – experience is not a good teacher or… Continue Reading →

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Spread your wings on your way down

For a very long time I refused to believe the saying ,”life is full of ups and downs”. In my opinion, believing such a saying would imply I would have to continuously live life with the knowledge that every good… Continue Reading →

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Getting it right from the start – Part 1

For many people the start of the new year is an opportunity to turn a new leaf, begin afresh. It’s an opportunity to write a set of new year resolutions and make an attempt to keep to them.  While this… Continue Reading →

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Steps to overcoming life’s challenges (Pt 4) – Preach the Gospel

Steps to overcoming life’s challenges (Pt 4) – Preach the Gospel If  you missed the previous post, kindly read it here Today we would be looking at yet another very important step towards overcoming life’s challenges and that is by putting… Continue Reading →

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Steps to overcoming life’s challenges – (Pt 3 ) Breastplate of righteousness

If you missed the second part of this post,  kindly view it here So far we have established that life’s challenges are not meant for you to conquer by fighting. The battle has already been won on your behalf you… Continue Reading →

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Steps to overcoming life’s challenges

Steps to overcoming life’s challenges Have you ever faced challenges? Who are we kidding, Life comes with various challenges. Regardless of who you are, you can’t claim to be in full control of the circumstances of life. Being a christian… Continue Reading →

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Who do you need to BEcome?

This is a continuation of the discussion we started on Monday, you can read it here. Now back to the big question, who do you need to BEcome? Let’s say you want to graduate from the university with a first… Continue Reading →


It is interesting how a single event can alter the course of ones life. It is equally interesting how a simple information can realign a person’s thought pattern. While doing some research in the Bible , I stumbled on a verse that… Continue Reading →

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