I  got quite a number of responses from the last article titled-  God created fear for a reason. Some people started reading the article with very divergent views  about the importance of  fear in our lives.  However, by the concluding paragraph it was clear that fear was created by God. And, like everything God created, fear has a purpose. Hopefully at the end of the article we would address how each of us can gain freedom from fear.

The first step to freedom is an acknowledgement of bondage. You can’t  be freed if you do not believe you have been held in captivity. Many of us do not even realize that the reason we chose one school rather than the other was because we were afraid we would be rejected. Some of us settled for our spouse because we were afraid of being alone. Would it surprise you to note that some of us refuse to start out our own business but rather  hold on to a paid employment because we are afraid. Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will, it binds strong men  and causes them to cower and settle for less. To break free from fear you must acknowledge that it exists.

Now that we have put all that out there, the next step is to get rid of fear. What are the things you are afraid of ? You might be afraid of being laughed at, or not hitting your target.  Take baby steps towards those things you fear. Start that online course. Learn how to swimming. Make a down payment for that house, land, car etc. Choose a date for your wedding. Don’t be afraid about how it will work out  rather  courageously confront those fears.

Freedom from fear

Trust me, it is not going to be easy at first. Breaking free from fear is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. You have to continually work on it. Sometimes, fear would come back and this time it will come in its full regalia. So what,  you did something seeming crazy. Despite all your fears, you proposed and she said yes. Then you went ahead,  faced your fears,  and chose a date. It seemed  like you were winning your freedom from fear  then all of a sudden a bigger fear comes, it hits you like a grenade. You suddenly realized that so much needs to be done, and a bigger  fear takes you prisoner again.

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