For many people the start of the new year is an opportunity to turn a new leaf, begin afresh. It’s an opportunity to write a set of new year resolutions and make an attempt to keep to them.  While this in itself is an “okay” practice I would like to introduce you to a better way  ( i.e  in my humble opinion ) .

Getting it right from the start – Part 1


Rather than take each year as a fresh start, how about if we look at our entire life as a continuum. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in support of stopping from time to time  to enjoy the journey and smell the roses. However I am suggesting here that we see each year as a continuation of the previous year rather than a fresh start.

Let’s do a small exercise, shall we?

Getting it right from the start – Part 1

Choose a seat in a comfortable place and think about what you want your life to look like twenty years from now.

Trust me, this isn’t very hard.

Let’s say  you are a young man, the picture of twenty years from now might look like this :

Twenty years from year ( Year 2037) .

I am on a yacht with my wife and our three lovely children.

We are celebration our twentieth wedding anniversary.

After my success  as the MD, CEO of a major Agro-Allied firm, I work as a consultant to six multi-national corporations. My wife and I  run several multi-million naira businesses and money keeps coming from royalties from books and speaking engagements.

We are surrounded by friends that love God just as we do.

We pay our tithe and are engaged in various charities.

I look at the map of the world and realize I have been to every continent at least once and speak 10 foreign languages and 5 local languages fluently.

God keeps blessing my family and there is nothing the devil can do about it.

Getting it right from the start – Part 1

The above is an illustration of what a future dream would look like. There are no restrictions to what you can picture in your mind. Even God took Abraham to the top of the mountain then told him to look into the distance, as far as his eyes could see that was what God would give him as an inheritance (Gen 13: 15 ). If father Abraham had stopped at seeing just Isreal, your probably won’t be reading this article and most definitely I wouldn’t have written it.

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