There was a sea of guests coming into grandma’s home. The children hid from the sympathetic glance and unsolicited prayers that the guest showered on them. They knew their parents were no longer going to give them the play station 4 that they had promised and they would never hear their parents’voice again. They understood that their parent would never read them a bed time story or drive them to school, they had gone to be with the lord.

Harvest of tears – a fresh start

The burial ceremony went on with the twins trying very hard to support each other. After the solemn procession at the church, two coffins were lowered into the earth side by side. It was at that point that Lucinda became inconsolable.

Two weeks later, there was a meeting in grandma’s house. Almost all the relatives had come to discuss the future of the twin’s dynasty, or most importantly the division of the wealth that their parents had left behind. There was no will and so the sharing of the property became the responsibility of Christopher, Grandma’s first child. The twins peeped through the curtains and listened to their uncles and aunties discuss the sharing of their parent’s wealth. Grandma just sat down quietly listening to the arrangement being proffered by Christopher.

There were rumblings here and there but when Christopher announced that the house of his late brother would be taken by himself the other siblings protested. There was a huge upheaval from the siblings who had become dissatisfied with the way Christopher was sharing the property. It was at that point Grandma weighed in on the matter.

Harvest of tears – a fresh start

“What is the arrangement for the twins?”

She queried.

Christopher explained that because of the difficult times, it would be best to have two of the brothers take one of the twins each. He was trying to explain the rationale behind his suggestion when Lucinda ran in from her hiding place and into grandma’s arms.

“No ! Grandma please don’t let them separate us”


Christopher was the first to direct his rebuke to the little girl.

“Lucinda, will you goout! Can’t you see that elders are talking?”

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