Semesters ran into sessions, Lucinda and Dr Adesina continued to get closer.

Some of her classmates teased that Dr Adesina was her boyfriend. She just ignored them. Dr Adesina was a devoted man of God and although he was very fond of Lucinda, he never allowed himself get into a compromising position with her. Sharon was Lucinda’s closest friend and Lucinda confided in her that she had developed feelings for Dr Adesina.

“Lucinda, better be careful. You do realise that he is married, don’t you?”

Harvest of tears – Deep Waters

Dr Adesina rarely spoke about his wife and whenever he did, it brought him pain to mention her. Lucinda had never seen her in the two years that she had known Dr Adesina, sometimes it was as though she didn’t exist.

“I know he is married. I just like his personality and he has been very nice to me”

“Lucinda, just be careful because this love could put you in trouble”

She brushed aside the comment although deep in her heart, she longed for a chance to forget herself in his embrace. She had pictured herself making love to Dr Adesina, but she had immediately brushed aside the thought. Something like that could so easily go south.

Harvest of tears – Deep Waters

“Babe, I am going to Doctor’s Office. He wants me to help him grade some scripts.”

“No wahala, just make sure it’s only scripts you are grading”

They laughed and parted ways.

When she got to his office, she could tell from his countenance that something was wrong. He was broken, like a lost puppy.

“What’s the matter?”

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