For about three weeks, Dr. Adesina refused to pick Lucinda’s call. He was avoiding her. His conscience was haunting him, he wasn’t sure he could look at her again. Lucinda was worried too. She was feeling funny and wanted to talk to someone about it. She picked herself up and went to the hospital. When she entered, she was tempted to turn back because she felt so uneasy with the smell of the place. Then she saw sick people waiting to be attended to. She wasn’t sick, she was just feeling funny and so she was sure she could just take malaria medicine at the pharmacy and she would be fine.

“Hello Young lady, have you gotten a card?”

Inquired one of the nurses.

“Yes ma”

“Okay take it to that nurse”

Pointing in the direction of the nurse, she said

“Nurse Ronke, please attend to this lady”

And so Lucinda went to see Nurse Ronke

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