By discipline, we learn to let go of good opportunities so as to embrace great opportunities.

Peter Okolie


I watched some fishermen prepare to go fishing. They prepared their nets – checked that they weren’t broken and that the lines were strong enough to hold their catch. A few minutes and several meters into the sea, the fisherman threw his net into the gentle waters. The only sound that was heard was the occasional whoosh of the waters and the faint honking of cars from the distant roads.  Moments later the fisherman reeled in his nets, and to my excitement, he pulled in a bounty of fishes – a few large fishes and plenty of small fishes.

I watched him do something very interesting, he sorted the fishes. He kept the big fishes and then broke the spine of small fishes and threw it into the water. By the time he was done, he had thrown back more fishes than he had kept aside, this really baffled me. Then, he threw his net back into the water.

After a quiet season of patience, he pulled in the nets and this time he had lots of bigger fishes. It was at that moment I understood that he threw in the small fishes as a bait to attract the bigger fishes into his net.


What are the things in your life at this moment that you should let go of so as to drastically improve your life? It could be a relationship, an asset, a habit and so on.  Let’s have a quick look at some of the reasons we sometimes find it difficult to let go good opportunities even though we have a chance of getting a better one.

Inability to see the big picture

One of the reasons a person will settle for a million today rather invest it to get a billion tomorrow is because he can’t see that picture. The reason most people are shipping themselves abroad is that they can’t see the big picture. I recall the wind slapping my face on that rickety canoe and wishing that we got back to shore only to see the fisherman throw back the fishes we had caught. I hadn’t seen the big picture. He could have returned home with his catch but he disciplined him to throw the fishes back, that discipline was easier because he could see the big picture.


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