Lack of belief

One of the great lessons I have learned is that the universe has a way of bringing to use what we believe. It is a principle of life that what we consistently think about and diligently work towards, we will achieve. The harsh reality is that it takes a lot of discipline to believe in something you cannot see. But, that is the start of everything.  Mark Zuckerberg believed Facebook would be a success and that belief inspired the discipline required to make it work.


One of the first thing you must overcome is laziness, let’s be real, laziness is in our DNA. Newton’s first law states that all matter will continue to remain in a state of rest (laziness) until it is exerted upon by an external force. In our case, we have a natural tendency to sit back and relax until we are exerted upon by an external force that force might be a desire to be successful, peer pressure, children’s school fees, house rent etc.

Self-discipline will help you overcome inertia,  you get up before your alarm clock rings and start digging into the day.


In conclusion, we need to be disciplined to sit back and paint a picture of the kind of future we want. We must remind ourselves to believe that the future we desire is possible. And eventually, avoid laziness, overcome inertia and do the work that is required. None of this is possible without discipline and doing this would improve your life drastically.

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