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How to overcome every problem

The first thing to note is that you and your problem are two different things. You were made in the image and likeness of God. Your problem was placed there to test your ability to have dominion and show the God nature that you possess (Gen 1: 26).

Are you aligning yourself with my point of view?

Regardless of what you are going through it is important that you understand that your problem is a problem and you are you. You are not your problem.

Before it gets confusing, allow me to take you to the bible.The very first miracle Jesus performed was at a wedding, they had a problem, the wine was finished. Jesus asked them to bring jars filled with water and he turned water to wine (He showed his dominion over the wine). Lazarus was dead for days, so dead he was beginning to smell. Jesus stepped in and said ‘Lazarus come forth’ (He showed his dominion over death)

How to overcome every problem

So what’s my point?

You need to face that problem and understand that you have dominion over it. So yes you don’t have a job that’s a problem face it. You haven’t been able to pass your exam that is a problem, face it. The landlord is knocking on your door for the rent that is a problem, face it!

Yeah yeah, I can see the way you are looking at me now. So you’re thinking, ‘is it so easy to face that problem?’

My answer is NO and YES!

No, because you need to build competence before you can take dominion. Building competence is sometimes not an easy task.

How to overcome every problem

A police man stands on the highway and lifts his hand at an oncoming vehicle and the vehicle comes to a halt just before it gets to him. It appears that he has dominion by simply raising his hand but if a civilian tries that, the vehicle might run him over.

So what makes the difference?

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