Fifteen-year-old Kejiro was trapped in a life that he no longer wanted. Although he had lived a tamed life for about six years, he was sure that he was about to give in to the voices in his head. He paused briefly to contemplate his action, would he be the reason his benefactors would eat their next meal in the land of the dead? Kejiro cast his mind back a few years earlier, before he became tamed.



In Anioma, mothers warned their children not to interact with Kejiro. There seemed to be a consensus that Kejiro was a troubled child that couldn’t be saved but should be left alone. The only person Kejiro could discuss with was his uncle; Chike. He was, after all the only person that seemed to understand the troubled child. He went over to see him in his house and met him under the Udala tree playing draft with his friends.

‘Uncle Chike hope you are winning’ he began

There was a quick rebuke from one of Chike’s friends

‘Small rat, don’t you know how to greet your elders’

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 3

In other circumstances, Kejiro would have insulted the man for lashing at him with such a rebuke but for Chike; his mentor. Kejiro adjusted and came up with a sort of greeting.

“Good day sirs!”

There was no response from the men; they just continued playing their game. Kejiro needed to talk to someone, their game notwithstanding.

“Uncle Chike, have you heard about the masked men?”

There was an uneasy calm as though fear walked in uninvited, Chike opened his mouth to respond.

“What is there to hear about the masked men?”

“They are taking over the whole place, they take what they want and nobody stops them; I want to have a group like that when I am older.”

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