Kejiro put aside his duster and allowed his gaze to rest on the portrait of his benefactor. The five by seven photo sat majestically in the wooden frame that had become it home for a little over half a decade. She wore a smile that he had since forgotten. He picked up his duster and cleaned the top of the shelf then place the frame back in position.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 5

He took his mind back to a few days after he lost his uncle to the angry mob, Mrs Idiala drove into the village in her Mercedes Benz car. She wore the same endearing smile that she had in the photo.  She had come to make arrangement to purchase a large quantity of cassava. Kejiro was just days into his decision to be an upright person, a life that was strange to him.

He had however made up his mind that whether he turned out to be the hero, or whether the position was held by someone else, the pages of his life’s story must read that he honoured the memory of his uncle. He had turned a new leaf and felt it was time to go to the big city in search of an education and a new life.

He walked up to Mrs Idiala, not minding possible rejection from a woman he hardly knew. He greeted her warmly, offered her a smile and hoped that she would find him good-natured. He prayed under his breathe then made his petition known to her,

“Please take me to the big city with you”

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 5

There was so much earnestness in his voice, he looked like a lost puppy

“I can cook and clean, and I will never make trouble. I promise you”

He insisted.

She smiled and patted him on the back,

“Young man, I am sure you are going to be a good boy. But, I might not be able to take you with me at this time. Perhaps some other time”

She watched as the young man’s countenance reached ground zero and her maternal instincts opened the door to emotions. It wasn’t a decision she would take without giving it some thought so she waved the Kejiro off with a reassuring smile.  He felt rejected but wasn’t willing to give up trying to leave the community.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 5

The following morning, Kejiro woke up before the sun and started to pray; something he rarely did. He said every prayer that he knew; which was undeniably very little. Then he started singing praise and worship songs. His surprised father passed by his room but didn’t say a word.

A few hours later, his father returned.

“Keji, Keji, come to the yard, somebody is here to see you” he declared enthusiastically.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 5

The young man got up and reluctantly dragged himself into the yard as requested by his father. To his amazement the sun was already seating on the roof. He pushed himself a little further from the yard and towards the visitor’s shed. He saw Mr Obi standing just at the entrance.

Mr Obi had his reservations about Kejiro but never imagined that the boy was responsible for the burning down of his cassava farm. The burnt farm was reported as a natural disaster and so he received compensation from the insurance company.  Case closed.

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