For some reason Kejiro just started to think about death then he went into long periods of depression. He didn’t even know why he was depressed but he could always hear those voices in his head.  Angry, confused, frustrated and eventually ready to yield, he began to consult with the voices. He saw reasons to end his suffering. He began to lose interest in keeping his promise to his uncle; he just didn’t care any longer.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 7

Providence brought him a way out of his misery. While he was returning from school he saw an usera plant and identified the seed. He had seen the seed as a young child in Anioma community. The usera seed looked like a bean seed but not without some distinguishing features. It was black and had holes that passed from one end to the other. It had a dreadful poison that was untraceable in an autopsy. Kejiro immediately grabbed the opportunity that had presented itself on a platter of gold. He put a few seeds into a piece of nylon that was lying on the roadside and pushed it into his bag. He continued his long walk home.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 7

Days went by and his torture continued.

‘You this stupid boy, I am sure you know today is Saturday. Have you swept the compound?’ Mrs. Idiala yelled at the top of her voice.

It was a little over 4AM but she had begun dishing out orders.

‘Wash the plates and scrub the floor, don’t forget to wash those dirty clothes too’. She never said please or thank you; she never saw the need. In her opinion, she had done Kejiro a great service by bringing him to the big city, accommodating him, putting him in a school and feeding him.

Kejiro walked pass Kingsley’s room and watched him roll around lethargically in bed. He hated the fact that he was treated with so much hate and disregard but Kingsley was showered with so much love.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 7

He had become good at concealing his thoughts behind unspoken words, but those thoughts ate him up.

‘Boy go and wash my car for me!’ Ordered Mr Idiala

Kejiro knew there was no use protesting, to them he was just the house help with no feeling and who could be used like a donkey. He tried to embrace his reality but the voices kept coming to his head.

‘Are you a fool? Look at how they are treating you like an animal’ Kejiro listened as the voices schooled him.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 7

‘Even when you were in Anioma you weren’t living like this. You need to free yourself from this prison you have put yourself ‘ the voices suggested.

Kejiro scrubbed the floor but paid close attention as another voice began to enlighten him,

‘You should endure all these things, these people were kind enough to take you into their home, feed you and put you in a school. ‘

‘That is rubbish’ screamed another voice.

Kejiro’s Demon – Episode 7

‘They never said you were coming to Abuja to be their house maid, did you sign up for this?’

By now Kejiro was washing the car, he whispered, ‘no’ in response to the question in his head, and then the voices continued.

‘If they know you are their house maid, they should have been paying you a monthly salary or sending money to your father.’

Kejiro enjoyed the fact that somebody was on his side, albeit that it was just voices in his head.

‘What should I do?’ He asked, hoping that the voices would give him a way out of his misery.

There was a small voice that whispered ‘Endure’

‘I should endure?’ Kejiro tried to clarify.

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