There was a dry wind blowing that night. It was one of those hot dry winds that come down through the mountain passes and curl your hair and make your nerves jump and your skin itch. Kejiro was no longer willing to take the suffering lying down. He was going to return to his old self, before he turned a new leave, before he became the tamed young man that he had become.

Kejiro’s Demon – Final Episode

‘Are you deaf?’  Mrs Idiala’s question brought him back to reality.

‘I said go and prepare rice and warm the stew that is in the deep freezer’

‘Yes ma’ Kejiro responded

He stepped towards the kitchen and knew his opportunity to take vengeance had come.

No song was heard from him in the kitchen, instead there was a disturbing silence; a silence that came from the battle in his head. He put the rice into the pot, added some water and set it on the cooker then he went to fetch his secret ingredient. Kejiro had carefully hid the usera seed and the time to use it presented itself.

Kejiro’s Demon – Final Episode

He didn’t spend too much time contemplating the use of the poison; he just played back the last six years of his life. He told himself that the family had punished him by giving him so many chores to do. They never appreciated his efforts, never gave him money to travel to see his father. He considered all the failed promises, the torment and injury to his pride, the cold-hearted treatment that had been melted on him. He replayed the past just once and the voices took over.

‘Grind it so that it will dissolve in the food, put it only in the portion they will eat so that there is no trace in the pot, you need to kill them, you need your peace’

Kejiro’s Demon – Final Episode

The voices advised

‘Peace is expensive but the price is worth it’ Kejiro told himself.

He walked into the kitchen with renewed determination, a fresh focus to end the life of his oppressors and get his peace.

‘Foolish boy, hope you put enough water in the rice, I don’t want to eat hard rice ‘ Mrs Idiala noted without an inkling of the evil that was to befall her family.

A few minutes later the meal was ready; his oppressors were seated around the dining table. Kejiro dished the meal then he carefully grounded the usera seed and added it to the meal. He placed the plates on a tray and lifted it with shaky hands. He opened the kitchen door and stepped forward with the solution to his problems.

A few feet away from the dining table he observed the excitement in their eyes as they awaited the arrival of food. In that brief moment, between the kitchen and the dining table, Kejiro saw the past and five minutes into the future.

Kejiro’s Demon – Final Episode


Unsure if he was in a vision or revelation, Kejiro watched as his benefactors cried in pain as the poison from the usera seed ate into their stomach. He saw them beg for death because life was so unbearable. He watched them die. One by one, they stopped struggled and gave in to the cold embrace of death. Afterwards there was silence, not peace but silence. That was not the feeling he had anticipated, the silence made him think about the implication of what he had done. Where was he going to live? Who would pay for his education?

How would he explain their death to the police? Many other questions he had not considered. Five minutes into the future, he stood in front of three corpse with many unanswered questions and a total lack of peace. Confused and alone, Kejiro shuffled his weight from one foot to another. He sucked deep breathes through his nostril as he reflected the events that had stolen his peace and if killing his benefactors will lead him to the Promised Land.

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