It is easy to give up, sit back and just wait for the end. Why shouldn’t you? After all, you have tried so hard in the past but you didn’t get the prize. It is easy to accept that perhaps it wasn’t supposed to be and maybe you weren’t made for the spotlight. But, nothing could be further from the truth.  You are made for greater things, we all are. But, if we stop believing in our ability to create the kind of future we desire then, we are dead.

Live Again

Moses went to pharaoh ten times with the same message, “Let my people go!” If he had stopped at the 9th attempt the Israelites would still be slaves in another man’s land. Thomas Edison did thousands of experiments if he had stopped we wouldn’t have the light bulb. The wright brothers didn’t stop simply because people made fun of their dream of flying like birds. If they had stopped we won’t have aeroplanes. Martin Luther King had a dream and despite the oppositions he held on to that dream and today a black man is president of the united stated. Abraham Lincoln made several attempts at the presidency until eventually he made it. Our president, Mohammadu Buhari contested for twelve years before he became president of Nigeria.

In every instance, as long as you remember to commit your ways unto the Lord, you will never be alone. When you are weak God Almighty will be there to give you strength. When you call He will answer and when it seems like there is no way ahead, He will part the red sea. Don’t give up, don’t give in !

Live Again

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