Warning: This note is focused on the Boy/Girl relationship. It contains paragraphs unsuitable for under aged individuals. Reader’s discretion is advised. After reading, you might be tempted to call me a love guru, PLEASE DON’T. That said, let’s talk about love.


Definition: LOVE is a DECISION to GIVE UP personal DESIRES for the sake of ANOTHER PERSON and EXPECT NOTHING in return. ©™


The truth is that a lot of times we make the mistake of thinking that love is a feeling when in actual fact, it is not. Love is a decision to stand by your partner whether he messes up or not, it is a decision to support his dreams regardless of yours, it is a decision to compromise a little so that she can achieve a lot. Love is a SERIOUS RESPONSIBILITY and it is not about your feelings. So, before you say I LOVE YOU, be sure you are ready to make a decision to accept that the other person is not perfect.

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