This is a lesson that changed my life. I hope that it inspires you to accept and embrace losses. I know this might sound very strange and pessimistic; here I am inviting you to embrace losses. You are wondering if I understand that losses can be very painful. You are wondering if I have failed a course, lost a job, lost some money or even a loved one. My answer is yes to all the questions, and I agree with you that losses are not desirable. Why then do I suggest that we must be willing to embrace losses?

The truth is that until we are prepared to embrace certain “Necessary Losses” we can’t move up in life. As a student, you must be willing to lose sleep sometimes so as to be able to study. To succeed at work, you must be disciplined and you would lose out on many things you could have invested your time doing. Reading this article, you are losing the time you would have used for something else but this also is a necessary loss.

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