This note would be quick but blunt. You might get hit by a dose of hard-word and affected by ripples of thought but, you must take action. You must look at what you have and then save it. Please take note; I am talking to me too.


As a young child I was taught to save part of the money that people gave me. My mum gave me a ‘kolo’ (a safe or piggy bank). The only way to open the ‘kolo’ was to smash it to the ground and break it. It was more like a punishment than a lesson because I couldn’t buy choco milo, gogo, goody goody, oyakaka (rice biscuit) and so on. It was difficult because I didn’t have money to join my friends to play Street fighter and Mortal Combat in the Game house on the other street. My mum had a beautiful plan but I didn’t understand why I had to save most of my money because in actual fact, I didn’t have enough.

Secondary school was a breeze, I didn’t have to save. In actual fact, I couldn’t save because I never seemed to have enough. It was a boarding school and I remember that towards the end of the term we always seemed to have exhausted our provisions and money, we called that period, ‘softic period’ it was totally impossible to save during this time, so definitely I was justified.

Many years have gone by things seem to be to be the same. Let’s face it at the end of the month, I look at my income and expenditure and realize that there is now room for savings. Let’s face it, I have to tush-up my apartment, change my phone and wardrobe, sow some seeds, pay for BRT tickets (transport), payment for my internet subscription, phone bills, rent , send some money to my cousins, parents and the list continues. ‘Maybe next month I will save’ but the following month expenditure almost equals income and account goes to red again.

Alright, when you hit 6-figures you will start saving, right ? Wrong ! I have discovered that saving is like body building. You need to partice with the light weight first. As your income increases the normal temptation is for your lifestyle and expenditure to also increase. Why do you thing that most people, when they are sacked, ‘run-down sharply’ within just a few months ?

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