Many of us look at our lives and realize that so many things seem to weigh us down. Unknown to us, we have become imprisoned by our choices  and actions. Allow me to share a secret with you, the power to set yourself free lies within you, it’s called forgiveness.

Set yourself free

Forgiveness is defined as putting yourself at ease from another person’s wrongdoing.  It  is not a new concept however many people do not realize that it imprisons them. Resentment  steals our creativity and robs us of our joy. It hinders our blessing and drives away favor. It makes it difficult to build relationships and may even lead to severe health challenges. Resentment  is a terrible thing however we catch ourselves engaged in it from time to time, why ?

Forgiveness is not an easy thing to do ( it requires the grace of God ) so people prefer to take the easy route of resentment  . Forgiveness requires that you take  account of the hurt and still move ahead to let it go. People would look at you like a fool, the person you are forgiving may even consider you weak. However, forgiveness is not a sign of weakness but rather strength.

The concept of forgiveness requires a lot of strength and maturity. It is not easy to look at a man that jilted you and decided to just let him go. How many people in their right sense will see a person that stole from them and yet forgive him. It’s not easy to be kind  to someone who didn’t show  you kindness when he had an opportunity to  show it. So yes, forgiveness is not easy.

People that forgive are actually setting themselves up to be blessed by God. In Matthew 6:12, it says forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. People don’t realize that when they do not forgive others they are actually places chains on themselves. Have you ever considered that sometimes when you hold a grudge against  a person whenever  you see he/she move  around smiling, you begin to feel sad.

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