Okay, so I have not updated my blog in a while. First I was travelling and then I had something called writer’s block ( covered my face ). Perhaps this write-up would help me back in the flow and hopefully you would leave a comment.

She has been good to me


It’s hard not to thank God. A relationship like ours is divine. People remind me that the love we share isn’t meant to be. They say I look ‘too cool’ to be with her cos she is wild, but, she has been good to me. Words can’t explain how i feel when i am on top of her. We spend endless hours in foreplay and it feels like Christmas in June. When we are on the highway her heartbeat races at 235 km/hr and she roars like a lion, yet she calms to a halt at the twist of my wrist. Some say I have just been lucky but I think I am blessed. She is a HORNET (code name CB600f) and she’s been good to me.

IMG-20160331-WA0051 IMG-20160331-WA0052 IMG-20160331-WA0056IMG-20160331-WA0053

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