I remember when the only thing I had to think about was the toy I would get for Christmas, getting first position in-class, who will play police-and-thief with me, passing SSCE, JAMB and gaining admission into the University, those were long days.
I remember when MTH 201 and white-house (OAU peeps can relate) was dreaded, those were long days.
Today the days are still long but they are filled with new things like how to escape Lagos traffic, submit a proposal, meet a deadline, pay my bills, code, design, write, work, and other works.😂 I look back and realize that the years come very fast, seems like yesterday but it’s more than three decades.
It got me thinking… How about if we focus on the years ahead, after all before long we would look back and realize another December is here. Another long day will come and before long a short year has gone by and if we are too ‘busy’ concentrating on the ‘days of our life’ we would miss out on the ‘golden years’. 2018 knocking, another short year cometh 😂

Short days but long years

long days but short years

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