At some point in our lives our minds have been polluted by what I call stinking thinking. Thoughts like –  I am too old to start a new career, it is very important for others to like me. You say-  failure is not an option, I am not very talented, it is selfish to take care of myself,  I don’t deserve to be successful, good things don’t last.  Thoughts like these drain our energy, steal our creativity  and make it difficult for us to walk shoulders high. Hence the name – stinking thinking or limiting thoughts.

Stinking Thinking

As we walk on the path of success we must get rid of these limiting thoughts. Not just getting rid of them but we must replace them with thoughts that fill us with a renewed energy. No wonder the bible says in Roman 12:2 ( Do not be conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind).   Initially it may appear difficult, but I assure you that everything is first difficult before it becomes easy.

The first step to getting riding of these limiting thoughts  is the identify them. If you are ready to take this journey with me, please pick a pen and paper, let’s get down to business.

Take a close look at your life, what are the thoughts that have come into your mind when you strive towards a goal . Thoughts like- I don’t have anybody in that university how would I gain admission there. I am from a poor background, I don’t know how to play the music instrument, I earn a meager  salary how can I buy a house in Lekki, and the list goes on.

Stinking Thinking

This part of the exercise requires that you tell yourself the truth. Look critically and objectively at your life and  pick out those places where you have allowed stinking thoughts to pollute your mind. These thought may have gotten to your mind by no fault of yours. It might have been as a result of the environment you were born or the opportunities you were exposed to. Whatever the case may have been, the fact is that you can’t go forward if you continue to blame yourself.

By now you would have made a list of limiting thoughts. Take a close look at them and identify those things you can control. Be true to yourself, you couldn’t control who your parents are but you might be able to decide who your spouse would be ( get it ?).

Now let’s go back to the list you made. Draw a line down the center of a page and write those limiting thoughts. On one side, on the other side of the page write elevating thoughts .

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