harvest of tears

Harvest of tears – Campus Blues

After secondary school, the twins made three unsuccessful attempts to get into the university. In the fourth year, they gave it all their best and prayed that fortune would smile on them as they were unwilling to spend another year… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – changing tides

Days went by and Aisha changed. There were rumours that Aisha had a phone. Apparently, the guy in the party had slipped a phone into her bag and had been contacting her ever since. She had often sneaked out of… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – Lost

Lucinda’s plan worked like magic. Harvest of tears – Lost Within two weeks, Aisha was already in the palms of Kingsley’s hands. It must have been the fact that he was enticing her in a totally different way from the… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – the new girl

Kingsley woke up the following morning. He had no idea how he got into the house or unto the bed. He was hungry, very hungry. He dashed into the kitchen and saw grandma and Uncle Christopher talking in the living… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – Weed

The house was quiet, it wasn’t unlike grandma to observe her siesta after the Sunday service. Lucinda had gone to the salon to have her hair done. Kingsley indulged himself in a movie and Henry was in the backyard. Kingsley… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – the help

It was now weeks since the sad event that turned the kids into orphans, and they were trying hard to live a normal life. Both kids had just been admitted into the secondary school. With the turn of events, it… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – a fresh start

There was a sea of guests coming into grandma’s home. The children hid from the sympathetic glance and unsolicited prayers that the guest showered on them. They knew their parents were no longer going to give them the play station… Continue Reading →

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Harvest of tears – Episode 1

Harvest of tears – Episode 1 Grandma was restless. She called out to the twins but there was no response from the living room. She pulled back the curtain to see if they were playing outside but they weren’t there… Continue Reading →

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