Isa walked into the school compound in a bubble of confidence.

His China white shirt was immaculate as it sat on brown khaki trousers. His brown leather sandals were well polished and neat.

Isa Yakubu was the labor prefect of his school. He stood at almost 6 feet and behaved like a god. From a distance, Isa was a good student, well-mannered and an excellent ambassador of the school. He had succeeded in deceiving his teachers and the members of staff. However, when he was not bullying junior students, he was plotting some kind of mischief with his boys.  Isa was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

The only son of a rich cattle trader, Isa got all he wanted from his father.

The Mourning After – Episode 1

His father had three wives – Aisha, Kudirat and Rukayat, they each had three children. It was strange that only Aisha gave him a male child. Isa’s father hated the fact that his wives had shamed him by filling his house with female children. Isa on the other hand was loved but didn’t have an example of how to treat women with respect.

None of his siblings went to school, his father explained that it was a waste of resources to train a girl child in school. His father was a strong believer that a woman’s place was in the kitchen. He had told Isa that women were to be seen but not heard, that was his mantra.

At age sixteen, Isa was his father’s son indeed.

Isa began to have a fondness for Zainab, the second child of Kudirat, his half-sister.  Zainab was two years younger than Isa. She was the prettiest of all his Siblings. Her shiny dark hair was long and curly, she had her mother’s face and her father’s height. She looked like a goddess but in her father’s eyes, she was just another female child, a waste of resources.

The Mourning After – Episode 1

With the passing of time, Isa’s fondness for Zainab grew.

Isa was preparing for his final exams in the secondary school. He walked into the school premises in his usually bubble of confidence.

“Good morning Senior Isa” Some junior students greeted.

The greeting was out of fear than respect.

Isa just responded by nodding his head.

The Mourning After – Episode 1

He walked into the classroom with some of his boys and the entire class became quiet. Most times Isa and his boys preferred to read in the junior classes. They enjoyed terrorizing them.

“If I hear a noise from anyone I will deal with the person severely. Is that clear? ” Asked Isa


“Yes Senior Isa” the junior students answered together.

The junior students were too scared to make a sound.

“Isa, I like that your sister Zainab …” Mohammed spoke in their vernacular.

Before he could complete his statement Isa cut in.

“Mo, don’t even go there. Don’t like my sister for any reason”

The Mourning After – Episode 1

Mohammed, Bala, Bello and Isa were best of friends. They had been close friends since their first year in the secondary school. Mohammed was the womanizer, Bala was the smoker, Bello was the drinker and Isa was the king of the pack, a combination of all the others.

“What do you mean I shouldn’t like your sister for any reason, you wan marry am?” Mohammed joked.

He hadn’t noticed that the expression on Isa’s face had moved from friendly to Violent.

Bello was the next to step in.

“Mo, you self relax nau. The guy say him no want make you near him sister, na by force ?”

Mohammed protested,

“But guy, she no even be your sister nau”

Joy, one of the junior students in the class had been eavesdropping and she didn’t realized when she giggled at their discussion.

The Mourning After – Episode 1

Isa noticed her and that was her undoing.

“Are you mad?”

“Sorry Senior Isa” she pleaded

“Stand up, go outside and pick pin”

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