Isa returned home sober and went straight upstairs, into his room.

He looked through the window towards Zainab’s room. The curtains were raised and the light was still on.  Zainab was lying down on the bed.

He was glad that at least she was safe.

Isa went to bed that night hoping that by morning his ill doings would havebeen forgotten.

The night was brief and by the following morning he rose with the sun.


The Mourning After – Episode 3


He stepped into the balcony overlooking his father’s compound.

Zainab was sweeping.

She lifted her head and looked in his direction, their eyes met.

The day before, in her eyes he stood 8 feet tall. However on this day, after what he did the night before, Isa looked no more than 3 feet tall in her eyes. She was so ashamed of him, she struggled to think of him as her brother.

“Good morning Brother Isa” she said grudgingly

The Mourning After – Episode 3


In the past, she would almost go on her knees to greet him. But after what he did, such show of respect was pointless.

“Good morning Zainab that is nice work you are doing there” Isa complimented

He was trying to be polite but she pretended she didn’t hear him. Isa was too embarrassed to try to get her attention again.

He felt very bad about what he had done, if he could take it back he would.

He was so ashamed he ever tried of have sex with his own sister.


The Mourning After – Episode 3


It was a Sunday, he couldn’t go to school and he didn’t want to stay at home.

He needed to clear his head.

Dressed in his white kaftan and brown flip flop, he decided to go spend some time with Bala.


He got to Bala’s house within a few minutes despite the fact that it was at least two streets away.  Bala was at the gate. He held a small black nylon bag in his hand.

“Isa, how far? Where you dey go?” Bala asked quizzically

“Bala, you no well.  No be your house I dey” Isa attacked

“Guy, I know you are usually at home by this time, hope all is well?” Bala asked quite concerned

“I just want to come chill with you”

The Mourning After – Episode 3


Bala was excited, he told Isa that his parents had travelled and won’t be back till the following day.  Bala showed Isa the content of the nylon bag he was holding.

“Wetin be this?” Isa asked

“Isa you be jew ooo. This na Arizona and weed. Bello is already inside, you can join us to smoke it” Bala invited.

They locked themselves inside Bala’s room shutting out all their worries.

With each puff of Arizona Isa forgot all his worries. The fumes from the weed filled every free space in the room. Bala quickly opened one of the windows.

“My Uncle told me that Boko Haram may attack our community” Bello Began

“That one na rumour.” Isa pointed

“Have you seen the armoured trucks that are circling the community? For those Boko Haram guys tocome here it means they want war” Isa added

Bala wasn’t ready to contribute to their discussion, he was in the spirit.

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