The sound of gunfire filled the air.
The sticks and cutlasses of the members of the sect were no match for the automatic machine guns that were being fired in their direction.

Their retreat was swift.

They ran, taking along many wounded and leaving behind more than a few dead.

Zainab was scared.

Moments earlier she was running towards perceived safety. She had drawn courage from Isa – her brother. She tripped over a tree stump, landed face down and they were separated. It wasn’t until a few meters that Isa observed that he was running alone.  She watched as he contemplated calling out to her and she prayed he didn’t.  She was sure that if Isa called out to her she wouldn’t have responded. She hid in the shadows and prayed that he would keep running. She was certain that the members of the sect would have easily spotted her if she called out to him or responded to his call.

She looked at her hunters and realized that rather than run she needed to hide.

When the shooting started Zainab saw her whole life come to an end.All her dreams and aspirations went with each bullet that entered the air.

A breath of fresh air came upon her when she heard the members of the sect screaming in agony. She looked at her adversaries and they were retreating. In that brief moment, hope walked into her heart.

There was still an uncertainty, she wasn’t sure who were shooting.

“Is it the vigilante or is it the soldiers?” she thought within herself

She had heard many rumors about the soldiers. The people of her community described them as a necessary evil. It was said that none of the soldiers were ever upright. If one found a soldier that wasn’t trigger happy, he would most definitely love the bottle or be a womanizer.

Most of the soldiers had been deployed from other states, away from their families and loved one. The killings and death they had seen sometimes strips them of their humanity. There was a rumor that most of the soldiers raped young ladies for sport.

The vigilante, on the other hand, were people from the community. Individuals that drank water from the stream until the borehole was constructed. The vigilante were people that walked on the mud roads before coal tar was placed on it. They were people with known addresses within the community.

You Are Reading: The Mourning After – Episode 5

Zainab quietly prayed that it would be the vigilante.

The shooting stopped.

Zainab still held on to the cover provided by the bushes. She listened as the gunmen came in her direction. She was too scared to raise her head, too scared to lose her cover.

With each step she felt a little piece of her life disappear.

“Person dey there!” shouted one of the men

Zainab realized her cover had been blown.

“Please, please” she cried out for mercy

She came out of her hiding place with her hands in the air. Unsure if her life would be demanded of her.

“Who you be?” questioned one of the men

“Please Sir, Please Sir” she cried out in fear.

She confirmed her fears. They were soldiers.

She recalled all the rumors she had heard about soldiers and she realized that she wasn’t out of deep waters.

“Who you be?” queried one of the soldiers

“Zainab sir, Zainab”

She was so frightened.

You Are Reading: The Mourning After – Episode 5

One of the other soldiers that had been quiet all the while realized that she must have escaped from the members of the sect. Turning to the soldier that had been questioning her, he asked him to go easy on her as she was definitely not hostile.

“Zainab, how did you get here?” he asked politely

Zainab was still in shock, the other soldiers were at alert.

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