Everyone has a dark side, or at least a part they are not comfortable sharing with others. If you look at your own life, you would agree that there is a part you would rather keep to yourself. It doesn’t exactly make you a bad person but society might regard you as a black sheep, a misfit, or an eccentricity. This article may not be about either of us but I am sensing that someone out there desires to be understood. We are all imperfect people that’s what makes us magnificent. Our flaws and cracks are the acmes of the artwork that makes us human.  If you were me and I was you, would you be comfortable with the vicious stare as I carry my unborn child who may never get to meet his father. Would you be comfortable with the cruel remarks as I struggle with my deep rooted affection for “Red Label” and “Marlboro”? If the tables were turned would you enjoy being called such names like “Ashawo” as I struggle with my challenges? I am not perfect, but are you?

Before you judge me, a married woman, for sleeping with another man please try to understand that it wasn’t easy for me to spread open my legs for him to cum in. I walked away from a seven year relationship and married another lady, I know it is hard to understand but it was for the best. I know there is no excuse for being a thief or changing figures in the office but please turn the tables before you judge me. It is easy to throw stones when it is not falling on your roof. It is easy to point fingers forgetting that what goes around comes around. If you are willing to listen to my side of the story, you might realise that we are saying the same thing. I want shawarma and you want Pizza, we want the same thing – food.

Sometimes, it hard to understand what others are going through. The best we can do is accept them, you may never accept the choices they have made, but accept the people – just the way they are.  State your point of view but accept them. You can attract more bees with honey than with vinegar. Accept the teenager that chooses to wear his face cap backward and pull his trousers to his butt. Accept the husband that insists on coming home late and searching for the end of the Brandy bottle. Almost always, accepting people even when you don’t understand their choices isn’t easy but the end is worth it. If you continue to accept them you are showing love. The thing about love is that it melts even the stony heart, it mends the broken, it opens doors, and it makes the receiver rethink his position. As impossible as it may sound, everybody desires to be loved. Be the bigger person, look beyond the decision he made. If he knows better, he would act better – love him. Keep loving and soon you would understand him or he would understand you. Accept him, keep loving and never let him go.

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